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GH does labels GH Smart Printing can provide wineries and vineyards with custom wine labels and give your wine products a funy look, which lead to increased wine sales for your vineyard.

Wine is elegant so that you can make your own wine labels which show your products’ specialness and help your bottle stand out in the shelf. Our state-of-the-art printing process supports crisp graphics and photo quality. From bright primary colors to earthy tones, colors on wine labels will reflect the professionalism of your brand and grab customers’ attention. Customized wine labels from GH Label printing GH Smart Printing will lead more wine sales for your vineyard or winery!!


VSOP Printing GH Printing was the first Packaging Printer in China to offer High-Quality Variable Sleeve Offset Printing (VSOP) Technology for PETG Shrink Sleeve Labels;
Flexo Printing GH Printing can accomodate smaller volume runs for Shrink Sleeve Label with our narrow web Flexo Capabilities.
HP Printing For Limited Edition Short Run Shrink Sleeves, GH Printing can offer HP Indigo to print for cusotmers.
Wide Range of Substrates PETg (KP Film from Germany); PVC (Korean film); OPS;
Key Benefits inclues: -Design Changes are Fast and Easy: vSOP Plates are made in just minutes at no cost so design chagescan be made quickly and easyily. Easy changes make VSOP technology idea for running limited-time promotions;

-Tremendous cost Savings: Thres are no plste costs with VSOP technology making design changes cost effecgtive.

-A range of Unique options and Combinations: A Range of unique options with VSOP and Flexo – Cold Foil, UV Metallic silver ink, Matte/Spot gloss for unique look, multi-pack sleeves and much more available!

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