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linerless label

There is nothing permanent except change.

Do you give careful attention to the sustainability of your production? As a wise businessperson who would know how material, shipping and other costs affect the entire production process.

For years, linerless has been considered as a trend, is now a reality. GH Smart Printing uses this groundbreaking linerless technology that no longer requires liners as carrier!

1. Cost effective
No liner means lesser material, storage and transport costs which leads to increased profit margin.

2. Environmentally friendly
No more landfill and less carbon emission if using linerless products.

3. Fast application
The application process will be much faster, since the paper/labels won’t need to be take off from the liner.

We can offer one-stop customised linerless product solution based on your specifications. Feel free to contact GH Printing if you are interested!

If you need more advice about your own package, pls feel free to contact us via: Vanessa WUor visit our facebook.

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